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Visit Guide

Visiting Hours

Limiting visiting hours is intended to give the patients privacy and rest. General visiting hours: 9:00AM to 12:00NN & 3:00PM to 7:00PM only. Other areas like ICU, CCU and NICU may have other visitation hour or policy.

Children below seven (7) years of age are discouraged from visiting the patient’s room. This is for their safety to prevent them from getting hospital acquired infection from diseases.

For private rooms we allow two (2) watchers to stay with the patient. For ward rooms only one (1) watcher is allowed per patient. Watchers are required to secure Watcher’s ID/Pass from the Security personnel on duty upon entering the hospital.


Hospital Rules and Regulations

1. PMSH is “NO SMOKING” hospital. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the premises.

2. All bags and other forms of packages are to be presented to the security personnel on duty for inspection before being allowed inside the hospital.

3. Liquors, intoxicating drinks, prohibited drugs/substances are not allowed to be brought into the hospital.

4. For security reasons, firearms and any forms of bladed weapons are not allowed inside the hospital. These are to be deposited with the security personnel on duty for safekeeping with proper documentation and identification.

6. For your protection we discourage our clients from keeping jewelries and other valuables within the patient’s room. Should you need to have them stored for safekeeping, kindly get in touch with our Patient Coordinator for assistance. Safekeeping of valuables is on a case to case basis only and should be documented properly. PMSH shall not be liable for any losses within the patient’s room.

7. If you noticed any suspicious looking person during your stay in the hospital kindly report it immediately to our security personnel or nurse on duty. Our personnel are wearing prescribed company uniforms and ID for easy identification. Loitering around the hospital beyond the visiting hour is strongly discouraged.

8. Relatives shall secure their vehicle and contents in the parking lot while within the hospital. PMSH shall not be liable for any damages/loss as such.

9. For your personal safety and protection, kindly familiarized your self to the nearest EXIT points of the hospital. Escape floor plans are visibly distributed on each floors/rooms. Rest assure that our personnel are adequately trained to deal or handle such emergencies.

10. Appliances requiring electrical consumption shall be logged and will be charged the necessary fee prior to use.

11. Food and drinks ordered from outside establishment may be allowed. For security reason delivery personnel or messenger are not allowed to deliver into the patient’s room, instead the watcher/relative shall pick-up the delivery on the hospital lobby.

12. Trays, plates, bowls used in serving patient’s meal shall be placed inside the room, these will be collected by our staff on a scheduled basis.

13. Please observed cleanliness by using our designated trash cans properly. Our housekeeping staff are available at all times to assist you.

14. To help us improve more on our services, we encourage you to spend time to fill up our evaluation forms. We appreciate and value your frank and important comments and suggestions.